Sunday, September 19, 2010

Supermarket Section Boards

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  1. I strongly feel 666 the Number of the Beast refers to John 6:66, the one single Bible verse thus numbered. Why so scary? Because it refers to the literally morbid quality of the Communion as seen from a purely human viewpoint; so, when people find out what God really IS, they back out. And indeed the Christians, seem, by habit numbed and blinded, unaware of this dark aspect; how would they react, just opening their eyes to the entirely obvious? In addition, the number suits excellently to a mighty cascade of interpretations based on operations on the first three positive integers, being of paramount importance for Christian doctrine, like Monotheism, the binary nature of Christ and the Trinity. Now, if this is the optimal solution or indeed the Solution, then I, Peter Ingestad aka Kraxpelax from Sweden, I am really Something, n'est-ce pas, being object of allusion by the verse, and consequently by the very Number itself. And, curiously, the word for 6, the so-called "Perfect Number" as voth the sum and product of its terms /factors 1, 2, 3, thus well fit for symbolizing God, in Swedish is Sex, reminding of my theory about the Big Duality (see below). And yes, the Swedish word for Sex is Sex as well. All this rather striking, don't you think? coincidental? who can tell? Think it over.

    Windor Mirrow